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Summer Activities To Keep You Moving Throughout The Season

Summer Activities To Keep You Moving Throughout The Season

With Summer upon us, everyone is out and about looking for fun activities to do with friends and family. We believe that fitness can be incorporated into your everyday life and can be fun for you and your loved ones! Let's look at a list of activities that we recommend to stay active in the Summer months.

Hiking or Family Walks
A family hike on a nice sunny day is the perfect way to get some exercise and spend quality time with those you love most. Check online to find the nearest parks and walking trails to plan your trip!

Park Runs
Not only does jogging have many cardiovascular and neurological benefits, but it also provides the opportunity to meet like-minded people. Park runs are a great way to improve heart health, exercise with others, meet new people and enjoy the summer days outdoors. Look online or speak to your neighbors to find a running group near you!

Who doesn't love a nice day at the pool when it's warm? Swimming helps you keep cool but it also keeps you active and provides a full-body workout! Grab a bunch of your closest friends and plan a fun day at your closest leisure center. You'll have so much fun, you won't even realize you are working out! You can also visit one of our Gym & Swim clubs to take a dip in one of our pools too.

Try a New Class
Summer is the perfect time to get social and fit! Trying a new class allows you to meet new people, hold yourself accountable, learn from a professional AND get your workout in. Take a look at our classes so you can book for your next visit to our cool and air-conditioned clubs or browse our Virtual Studio!

With so many things to do during the warmer months, getting out and active should be no problem. Give our suggestions a try or get creative and think of your own activities to stay fit this Summer. Either way, be sure to stay moving!

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