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Evora Medical Aesthetics Has Arrived at Watford

Evora Medical Aesthetics Has Arrived at Watford

Fitness4Less Watford has got something new! Evora Medical Aesthetics specialises in all kinds of treatment options and procedures to suit you! You can find them in our Watford club in one of our treatment rooms. Below are some of the many treatments and procedures they offer:

Platelet Rich Plasma For Face
PRP Therapy is a way to provide nutrients from your own plasma back into the skin to help reduce the appearance of scars, acne, stretch marks, pigmentation, dark circles under the eyes, loose skin, aged skin, sun damage and skin rejuvenation.

Muscle Injuries
PRP also helps with muscle injuries by reducing pain and inflammation. While exercising is great for the body, it can leave you a bit sore. Evora Medical Aesthetics is here to help relieve some pain you may have.

Hair Loss
Doctors at Evora Medical Aesthetics use platelets to restore hair for those experiencing hair loss. This procedure helps those with conditions such as alopecia restore their healthy mane.

Vitamin Injections
You get the most out of your vitamins when they're administered straight into the bloodstream as opposed to when you take them in pill form as a lot of the vitamins are lost during digestion. Come and get your vitamin injections at Evora Medical Aesthetics to keep yourself healthy through every season.

If you are thinking about taking your health one step further, visit Evora Medical Aesthetics in our Watford Club!

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