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Common Gym Fitness Team Misconceptions

Common Gym Fitness Team Misconceptions

We are sure that you have seen a few of our team members around the gym when you come in for your workouts - from Personal Trainers to reception staff and everything in between. They work hard to give you the best experience possible every time you visit us. However, there are some common misconceptions about these team roles we thought we’d help debunk for you.

Personal Trainers Want To See You In Pain
Personal Trainers are not there to hurt you or to push you too hard. Their main goal is to guide you and keep you motivated to reach your personal fitness goals in a safe and efficient way. While experiencing a bit of soreness after a workout is normal, pain is not mandatory. Our trainers will monitor your soreness as it indicates to them how well your muscles are recovering after a session.

Group Fitness Instructors Are Only Working When they Are Teaching
There is way more to being a group fitness instructor than just showing up and teaching. Fitness instructors need to make sure they bring their best energy, best workout sequence, and music with them. The right tunes can definitely make or break your class experience!

This requires plenty of planning and knowing your audience. Group fitness instructors also need to plan what the best workout for everyone will be - with ranging fitness levels in every class, they will make sure exercises can be adapted to suit every class attendee. Make sure to let your class instructor know at the beginning of the class if you have an injury or sensitive area so they can help you adapt the class to suit you.

Reception Staff Are Also Fitness Experts
Our reception staff are the best point of call if you need help checking and verifying memberships, guiding new members through the membership sign up process, and providing information on classes, availability and anything related to the day to day of the gym. If you have a specific question about something fitness related they will gladly direct you to a personal trainer or a fitness instructor who would be happy to help you out.

Don't forget every member has access to 1 FREE Personal Trainer taster session when you join bookable in the Members Area on our website.

Hopefully, these myths about a few of our vital gym roles have been debunked! Our friendly team is ALWAYS there to help you in any way they can, so come in and say hi.

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