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Gym Equipment You Never Thought You Needed

Gym Equipment You Never Thought You Needed

In the gym, there are some well-known favourites when it comes to equipment but there are some that make you think, “what on Earth are those things?”. Check out our list of gym equipment pieces we think will make all the difference to your workout routine and you never even knew it!

The Prowler
One of the most versatile pieces of equipment, the prowler can provide a total body workout even though it may not seem like it at first. Pushing it, pulling it and adding different weights means that it will work your abs. Not to mention, your chest, quads, glutes, calves, triceps, shoulders, hips and hamstrings all in one go!

Resistance Bands
Most commonly used for strength training or physical therapy, resistance bands help to wake up and build muscle. They are great to add to stretching routines or help with injury recovery. A wide range of bands are available in the gym for different fitness levels or goals. Don't forget to try them on your next visit or ask a member of our friendly team for help.

Medicine Balls
Medicine balls are great for building core and explosive strength. They also help build muscles in your abdomen and back. Better your balance and posture while also sweating it out with full-body workout possibilities. This all-around piece of equipment is failproof for anybody looking for something a little different in your weekly routine.

Bosu Ball
A Bosu Ball or a Balance ball is great for balance and helping to train your muscles and nerves for unstable surfaces you might encounter in your daily life. It is also a great piece to add intensity to a workout. Try standing on the Bosu Ball while using free weights to feel the difference in intensity.

Next time you come to the gym, switch it up and have a go at using something different!

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