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Intuitive Fitness: How To Workout Mindfully

Intuitive Fitness: How To Workout Mindfully

Enriching fitness activities are IN. 'Go hard or go home' is OUT!

Forcing yourself to sweat it out when you don't feel like it might not be the best thing for your mind and body. Over-exercising is known to have negative effects on your mood and general relationship with exercise.

Instead, learn to be aware of your inner senses. Listening to what your body and mind are asking for could very well be the secret to smashing your next workout.

This might mean swapping your 5k run for a swim if your muscles are sore, opting for a group fitness class if you're craving some company, or choosing Yoga when you feel stressed. Tuning into how you really feel and adjusting your workouts accordingly is an effective way to make sure you're working out safely, prioritising rest and recovery when needed, and helps to maintain a positive mindset towards fitness.

How To Train Mindfully

  1. Do A Daily Body Scan
    It's time to look inward! Start by asking yourself some simple questions before you go to the gym:

    How is my stress today?
    Do I feel overwhelmed or anxious?
    Did I get enough sleep?
    Do I have any pain anywhere?
    Do I have enough fuel in my body?
    Can my body handle a heavy workout safely?

    By having a quick chat with yourself you'll soon figure out how you actually feel. This can then help you to decide what kind of exercise will serve you the best for the day.

  2. Be Honest With Yourself
    You might be thinking that intuitive fitness is the ultimate excuse for someone less disciplined to skip a workout. But you need to be honest with yourself - do your muscles need rest or are you simply making an excuse to get out of going to the gym?

    It's difficult to strike the balance between the two and it will take time to learn - but stick with it!

  3. Plan With Flexibility
    With intuitive fitness, you can still be consistent and have a structure to your workout regime but making sure to have a Plan B, C or even D will allow you to switch up your workout without feeling like you're giving up or going off-plan.

    Top tip: Write down a couple of workout variations that you can pick when you get to the gym. For example, a high-intensity workout, LISS workout (low intensity steady state), recovery session etc. This way you still have a plan without being too strict.

    After all, exercise shouldn't contribute to your stress and anxiety - it should be helping you regulate it!

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