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The Treadmill Workout That Really Works!

The Treadmill Workout That Really Works!

Recently, we've seen one particular workout getting a lot of buzz on social media. The 12/3/30 workout!

The difference with this particular workout trend is that it's not a fad or quick fix - it actually has amazing benefits for both your mind and body.

What Is The 12/3/30 Workout?
Coined by Lauren Giraldo on TikTok, the 12/3/30 workout is an incline walking workout done on the treadmill. Lauren credits the workout with helping her to gain confidence in the gym and also finally seeing real results.

This particular treadmill workout incorporates 3 key elements to make it work. An incline, maintainable speed, and time.

Incline workouts are beneficial for the body as they are proven to:
  • Boost your heart health
  • Increase calorie burning
  • Improve stamina in both your body and your mind
  • Increase leg muscle activation
Walking treadmill workouts are also perfect if you feel intimidated by other equipment at the gym as all you need to do is focus on 1 thing... walking!

So what does the 12/3/30 workout really entail?

Try The 12/3/30 Workout:
Start with a warm-up (5-minute brisk walk) on the treadmill. Then, make sure you have a bottle of water and a towel with you as you're about to get sweaty!

Incline: 12
(if your treadmill does not go up to 12, simply set it to its maximum)
Speed: 3 mph (or 4.5 kph)
Time: 30 minutes

That's it! It's easy to set up and doesn't require you to change your speed or incline at any time.

Top tip: Don't hold onto the treadmill for support as this cheats your lower back out of doing any work. You may feel like the speed is slow in the beginning but after a couple of minutes the incline will make it much harder and you'll start to feel the burn.

The best thing about this workout is that it's not intimidating to start, easy to stick to, and it can get you noticeable results.

For best results, try and complete the workout around 3-5 times a week, but remember consistency is key!

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