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Gymtimidation: How To Overcome The Fear Of Working Out Around Others

Gymtimidation: How To Overcome The Fear Of Working Out Around Others

If you ever feel nervous about going to the gym, know that you're not alone. It's easy to get in your own head and start to feel anxious about working out in front of other people.

Even if it's unlikely anyone is watching you, the feeling can sometimes come out of nowhere. But fear not, we're here to help you say goodbye to Gymtimidation with these easy tricks:

  1. Ask For A Tour Of The Gym
    Fear usually comes from a place of not knowing what to expect. It's certainly daunting to walk into a busy gym and not know where anything is. But our hands-on team are always happy to answer any questions you may have or give you a tour of the facilities so you feel more at ease.

  2. Make A Plan
    Don't get left feeling lost at the gym. The best way to ensure you have a good workout is to have a killer plan of action.

    Make a list of what machines you want to use and exercises you want to do or perhaps even save an online workout to follow. You can then refer back to it throughout your time at the gym. It's also good to have a back-up plan in case machines are busy, that way you know you'll have a good workout no matter what.

  3. Go With A Friend
    Make the gym a fun outing for you and a friend! Being with someone you know can help to ease your nerves and make you feel more motivated to push harder during your workouts.

  4. Wear Clothes You Feel Comfortable In
    There's no point trying to do a workout wearing something you don't feel 100% comfortable in. Whether that's a hoodie, bright socks, tight Yoga pants, or a muscle tank - wear what makes you feel like you!

  5. Don't Hesitate To Google It
    Google is your friend! If you don't feel like asking for help with a specific machine or exercise you can always take to your phone and look it up online. There are lots of resources at your disposal that can help squash any fears you may have of trying something new.

  6. Remind Yourself That Everyone At The Gym Is Working On Themselves
    One of the best things about the gym is the fact that everyone there has a common goal - to work hard and feel amazing. Luckily, most people are too consumed with their own workouts to worry about anyone else's.

    So sweat it out and push it like nobody's watching - because they probably aren't!

More than anything, it's important to give yourself credit for any obstacle you overcome. Nobody's fitness journey is a straight line and getting through the ups and downs shows amazing self-growth.

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