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Fitness Can... Benefit Your Relationships!

Fitness Can... Benefit Your Relationships!

Regular fitness doesn't just improve your physical well-being, it can also have positive benefits on your social life! Going to the gym with a workout buddy is one thing, but the gym can also help you to make new friends. From boosting your mood to expanding your network here are 5 surprising social benefits of fitness:

  1. Exercise Makes You A More Reliable Friend
    The healthier you feel, the more likely you are to stick to social plans and be a dependable friend! Regular exercise can improve your immune system which can help you to feel on top form by avoiding things like pesky colds. Being active also helps you to feel more energised so you're less likely to back out of social commitments at the last minute.

  2. The Gym Provides A Space To Find People Like You
    One of the best things about the gym is that it can be a positive social space to meet new people. For example, if you regularly attend the same Indoor Cycling class every week there's no doubt you'll get to know other regulars as well.

    Meeting people with common interests gives you the opportunity to expand your social circle. And it's also a great way to find inspiration and feel supported on your fitness journey.

  3. Fitness Improves Your Cognitive Skills
    Regular exercise has proven benefits on the core functions of your brain including improved memory, learning ability, and cognitive skills. You may not think this can affect your social life but forgetfulness, a lack of alertness, and a low attention span are all things that could make it difficult to maintain healthy connections with the people around you.

  4. Regular Exercise Makes You Feel Happy
    Working out boosts your happy hormones! Exercising releases endorphins which promote positive feelings of pleasure, happiness, and even love. Feeling happier can impact the way you approach people, improve the conversations you have, and make you feel excited about new experiences, which can all contribute to building better friendships!

  5. Easily Adjust To A New Environment
    Have you just moved to a new town and don't know many people? The gym is the perfect place to break the ice and start up healthy conversations with people in your area.

    We don't recommend interrupting someone's workout for a chat. But you can always strike up a conversation in a different way - for example, before or after a Group Fitness class, asking someone to spot you in the weights section, or asking our friendly staff if there is someone who they would recommend you talk to. We're always happy to help!

Bring A Friend To Our BUDDY WEEK!
From 25th-31st October all our members will get the chance to bring a friend, colleague, or family member to the gym for FREE for the whole week. That's 7-days of unlimited gym use and classes to share with a friend.

Keep an eye out on your mobile App for exclusive event details coming very soon. And don't forget to follow our virtual social community on Facebook and Instagram!

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