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Watford Introduces A NEW Group Fitness Timetable!

Watford Introduces A NEW Group Fitness Timetable!

Group fitness at Watford just got more exciting with a fresh, new class timetable release from 1st October.

Group Fitness Classes are an excellent way to try out new things, push yourself, and stick to your fitness goals with amazing support from fellow gym-goers and instructors. Plus the majority of our classes are designed to suit all fitness levels so even if you're just starting out you can still get involved. Our instructors are there to teach you the correct form and will also be able to adapt movements to suit your level.

Watford's new timetable includes:

  • 40+ classes per week
  • 30+ class varieties to choose from
  • 450+ spaces every week
  • Combination of classic, freestyle, and modern coaching techniques
... and we also have some new additions too:

This class consists of both a cycling and a bootcamp inspired section to ensure absolutely every part of the body is worked hard. Expect big tunes, high energy, heavy hill climbs and some tough circuits to push you far and beyond!

Booty Camp
Looking to help build stronger, more defined glutes? If so, look no further! Using simple yet effective exercises, join us in getting those glute gains!

Functional Interval Training is our answer to the fitness trends of both classic and modern functional exercise routines placed in a flawless full body circuit.

Say HI to ABS! This combination class compiles HIIT Training with Abdominal Conditioning to help build a stronger, leaner physique. It’ll be a busy one, so book early!

There's something for everyone - and don't forget we're still offering all our famous favourites including Indoor Cycling, GRIT, Fighting Fit, Pilates, and more. Book your next class by clicking the link below or visiting our Mobile App.


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