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Ladies-Only Areas: Feel Safe & Comfortable With Dedicated Gym Spaces

Ladies-Only Areas: Feel Safe & Comfortable With Dedicated Gym Spaces

We're committed to ensuring everyone feels comfortable at the gym with dedicated gym spaces! Whether it's your first time at the gym or you would simply like some privacy due to your culture or beliefs, there are many benefits Ladies-Only Gyms bring to our female members.

Discover all the benefits of these private spaces below and how they can help you to build confidence and feel safer while you workout:

  1. Less Gymtimidation
    We always strive to create an inclusive and non-judgemental space to get fit, however, sometimes it's difficult to feel sure of yourself in a space that may be new to you.

    This is completely normal, especially if you're not sure how to use equipment or if you feel a little self-conscious. Unfortunately, these feelings can really hold you back from reaching your fitness goals. So having a space that's quieter and more private can help you to get used to a gym environment before venturing out to the rest of the club.

  2. More Inclusivity For Different Faiths
    Our Ladies-Only Areas provide a space where women of different faiths and cultures may feel more comfortable removing their hijab. A mixed gym environment may feel more confining to women of different religious beliefs, whereas a Ladies-Only Area allows for more freedom and comfort. Fitness is for everyone, and we want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible!

    As a bonus most of our Ladies-Only Areas are accessible directly from the Changing Rooms, meaning you don't need to walk through the main gym areas to reach the private space.

  3. Connect With Like-Minded People
    A Ladies-Only Gym Area is a great place to network and meet new people. Of course, the gym is primarily designed for working out but there is also a great social aspect that can help to boost your motivation and confidence. We're all in this together!

  4. Build Up Your Confidence
    Maybe you feel like trying out some new equipment? Or tackling a harder workout routine? But it's easy to feel put off if the gym is busy and there are lots of people around.

    Why not use the Ladies-Only Gym instead to build up your confidence in a comfortable and intimate space until you feel more at ease. That way you don't have to feel hesitant to go out and reach your goals!

Visit our Locations page here to see whether a Ladies-Only Area is available at your local club - we encourage you to come and try it out!

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