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Our Top 3 Free Mindfulness Apps

Our Top 3 Free Mindfulness Apps

These days, there are so many different Apps offering guided meditations, meditation tracks, and mindfulness exercises that it's sometimes difficult to choose the right one! But we've got you covered with 3 of our favourite FREE mindfulness Apps to ease anxiety, get better sleep, and find serenity.

1. Insight Timer

It's not easy to find a mindfulness App that's completely free, but Insight Timer is one of them! This App is incredibly versatile with thousands of free guided meditations and meditation music from mindfulness experts, neuroscientists, celebrities, and more. There's even a section specifically for parents to help ease anxiety, boost confidence, and improve their child's sleep.

Choose from various categories such as relationships, meditation for sleep, stress & anxiety, self-love, and even set the length of time to suit your needs.

Additionally, Insight Timer has some really unique features including Circles which allows you to create a group with other Insight Timer users to build a community for group meditation. This is great for workplaces, families, or friends to connect and share meditations in real-time.

There are also Live Events hosted every day which you can join instead of listening to pre-recorded meditations or music - it's another great way to feel connected to those around you.

Lastly, track your progress over time and even save your favourite meditations in My Library to revisit whenever you like!

More about Insight Timer: Available for download on Android and iOS.

2. Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is a free meditation App developed by psychologists and educators for young people, however, it's also great for adults. What makes Smiling Mind different from other Apps is that the meditations and exercises are built into Programs that you can follow over days or even weeks. Each Program has a number of modules and sessions with different elements and goals based on your current emotional and mental needs.

Programs are split into different categories for adults, kids, youth, families, the classroom, and even the workplace. There are even meditation sessions for 3-6 year olds which help children to become aware of their breath and body, and improves their listening skills.

Encouraging your children to get involved with regular meditation every morning or night can help to ease the stress and mental exhaustion that comes with being stuck behind a screen all day. Smiling Mind offers Programs specifically for teens, as well as, younger children and tailors meditations to focus on common struggles these age groups deal with.

After completing a couple of sessions you can also check your dashboard which tells you how many minutes you've listened to overall. It also allows you to update your emotions relating to stress, relationships, sleep, and focus, daily to track improvement over time.

More about Smiling Mind - Available for download on Android and iOS.

3. Spotify

You may be thinking - how can I use Spotify for mindfulness and meditation? Interestingly, Spotify doesn't just offer its listeners music. One of Spotify's best-kept secrets is the number of free meditations available on the App. Here's how to find them:

Once you download the App and sign up for free, navigate to the Podcasts section and enjoy hundreds of podcast episodes dedicated to mindfulness under the search term 'Meditation' or 'Guided Meditation'.

One of our favourite creators is Mary Meckley with The Daily Meditation Podcast. She posts a new guided meditation technique every morning (episodes are about 10 minutes long) with a weekly theme based on an emotion. A great way to get into meditation is to start your mornings with a short session. And with daily uploads, Mary's sessions are perfect! Let us know if you give her podcast a listen.

More about Spotify - Available for download on Android, iOS, and Desktop.

Meditations help you become more self-aware and have great benefits to ease stress and anxiety. Take a little time out every day to escape and enjoy some much needed mental TLC!

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