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Discover Our New ‘Time and Space Hours’

Discover Our New ‘Time and Space Hours’

As many of our members start to make their way back to the gym, we’re doing everything we can to ensure every club is as safe as possible. Not to mention, still an enjoyable and motivational environment to keep fit and healthy.

By creating our 8 Key Commitments for COVID Safety, our team and members can now feel comfortable and protected when they enter our facilities.

Our commitments include:

1. Contactless entry through our App
2. New App features to show you busy gym periods
3. Strict capacity levels
4. Reduced class capacity to 50%
5. Increased cleaning schedules and fogging
6. New ‘Member Code of Conduct’
7. Increased space in our changing rooms by closing off some lockers, toilet cubicles, and showers
8. New ‘Time and Space Hours’ added to our gym timetable

What are ‘Time and Space Hours’?
Fitness4Less Time and Space Hours
Whilst some members feel comfortable coming back to our clubs with all our new safety features, others may still feel nervous – and understandably so! With that in mind, we’ve introduced new time slots at each local gym for more vulnerable customers to come and enjoy the facility. These slots have fewer visitors and staff dedicated to help and support you.

‘Time and Space Hours’ reduce capacity by a further 50% of the new normal capacity. This is monitored by our club staff on our integrated Backroom system which tracks gym usage every hour.

Simply book a ‘Time and Space Hours’ slot on your Fitness4Less App and benefit from more open space, fewer members, and peace of mind when you arrive.

We’d love to see all our members come back to their favourite gym and hope these new time slots will encourage those who may have been holding back.

If you'd like to come by to test out the gym and get a tour of all our safety features, click here and use the code STAYSAFE to sign up for a FREE trial day in October 2020. This also enables you to fast-track any Track and Trace details required upon arrival. After registering online you will have a window of 24 hours to take a look around and try out a club near you. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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