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Accessing Our Live Classes - A Step By Step Guide

Accessing Our Live Classes - A Step By Step Guide

Our team is determined to keep our members fit at home as well as on the gym floor, with 'At Home' Classes continuing as part of our full timetable of group fitness.

Exercising has become an even more important part of the day along with sticking to a routine to keep us keep both mentally and physically fit for the challenges this new regime of living presents us.
Our online classes are a fun and motivational way to keep motivated and fit during isolation. Not to mention enabling you to feel part of a class as they are all live, enabling you to have interaction with the Instructor and feel boosted by the other participants, with their online presence and comments.

However, whilst lots of you know the ins and outs of social media, we are really keen to help those who don’t and provide some instructions on how to follow us to ensure you get the most from the live classes.

Here is our step by step guide to getting online and enjoying our range of LIVE and online classes in the coming weeks:

Firstly please make sure you are following or are subscribed to all of our channels - each one can be found below:

Fitness4Less and Welcome Gym are working together to offer more diversity and more frequent classes from 27th April - so ensure you follow both to get the maximum choice and variety.

Fitness4Less Links:

Welcome Gym Links:

In the main, all of our classes are being presented live on Instagram, as this seems the easiest channel to broadcast live content. However, to give those who are not Instagram users an opportunity to see and enjoy our classes we will look to offer more on YouTube & Facebook.

As we publish each new LIVE timetable we will include this information so you always know which channel to find your class. To get the best selection and choice however it is best to follow all of the channels and links above to be sure you don't miss any. If you are trying to avoid having too many social accounts remember this is a great way to access free classes and keep yourself fit, healthy and focused. Classes bring routine to your day, which is especially important at the moment.

How do you watch LIVE videos on Instagram?
To watch live videos on Instagram you really need to be using a mobile phone, however, there is a Chrome plugin you can download to make stories for Instagram accessible on laptop/desktop. Use the link below to find and download it.

Using a phone or tablet.

Download the Instagram app and follow the links to find our channels. Here is a reminder of them again...

Fitness4Less Instagram
Welcome Gym Instagram

Once you are following our accounts this is the process you go through to join a class;
    • When you want to join a class come to our profile (this is the page where all the square tiles are displayed) at the top left of our profile is our logo in a circle.
    • Just before the scheduled class time, this logo will present as ‘live’ – and a coloured ring appears around the logo with a play button symbol. You simply click on the logo to watch the live class.


I missed the class on Instagram, how can I watch it?
    • Instagram live videos stay on our profile page for 24 hours so you have 24 hours from the originally scheduled class time to come back and view it
    • When you come to our profile and click on the logo top left, instead of seeing a live class you will be given two options. (at the bottom of the screen)
View Story
Watch Live Video


    • To watch a previous class you select Watch Live Video – if you want to skip a class and get to the next one you tap the screen on the right-hand side until you arrive at the class you want.

How do I watch a LIVE class on Facebook?

Firstly follow our Facebook accounts, a reminder of these and the links to them are:

On mobile or desktop come to our Facebook page and you will see the live class at the top of the page. Once it has ended you can catch up with Facebook live classes at any time by selecting ‘videos’


How do I watch a class is promoted to be LIVE on YouTube?

Come to our YouTube channel on any device and you will see our Live class immediately on the channel. Live classes are automatically saved on YouTube and you can come back and review them at any time.

Whenever we are able to, (because this depends on our class instructors having the storage available on their mobile devices) we do save all classes from Instagram to YouTube so that we are building a back catalogue of classes for you to access in your own time.


We are committed to keeping you feeling the best you possibly can feel during this testing time. Your health and wellness is our focus and we will continue to deliver great home workouts for you to participate in. We welcome your feedback and comments and we urge you to share our content with your friends and family and of course, take a snap or two of you preparing for or participating in the class. This encourages both us and others to join in too!

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