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Could We Persuade You To Be More Class-Conscious? This month we'd like you to support our week-long celebration of fitness classes and their important place in bringing more fun and finesse into fitness.

One of the great things about being a member of a Fitness4Less gym is the large number of group fitness classes we offer, which are included in your membership package. They’re easy to book online and to cancel if you find you can’t attend, so there’s really no reason not to take advantage of them, especially when you've downloaded our brand new mobile App, enabling you to view the timetable and make bookings while you’re on the move.

Classes are companionable, motivational and inspirational - in fact, they're just sensational, as well as being suitable for both men and women! That’s why we’re holding a special Classes Week from 16th to 22nd March 2020 to promote the benefits of group exercise. Here are just seven reasons to love classes: -

1. Exercising with others can be an enjoyable, sociable activity, rather than an individual battle. You'll push yourself harder too.

2. The group dynamic of a class is a huge motivator in helping you to persevere on your fitness journey when the going gets tough. A friendly, competitive spirit will encourage you not to give up.

3. The huge range of classes we offer - including the exciting new Les Mills classes that are launching at selected gyms– is so diverse, that you’re sure to find something that appeals, whether it’s a peaceful yoga session or a high-energy, strenuous HIIT class. Classes mix up your workouts and beat boredom.

4. Classes are friendly, inclusive and designed for all abilities. You can bring a friend for moral support and you’ll enjoy the camaraderie of working in a group. You may well forge new friendships too!

5. Classes are instructor-led, so they’re great if your workouts lack direction and you’re looking for a routine that works you hard, teaches you how to exercise correctly and gets results. You'll be told what to do, so there's no deliberation and you'll receive only encouragement from your instructor and other class participants.

6. Classes give you a chance to try something new or to familiarise you with the fantastic equipment installed in your gym and to learn how to use it safely and effectively.

7. Classes are time-limited, so you can schedule them into your busy lifestyle and get maximum gain from a short, sharp burst of activity. Lots of classes take place either early in the morning, at lunchtime or in the evening too, making it convenient to fit them into your day.

So What’s Occurring?

During Classes Week we’ll be: -
• Running competitions in club and on social media.
• Offering taster classes, workshops and master classes
• Making free one-day passes available to non-members, using the code FREEDAY, so you can bring a friend and try a class together.
• Running a "no joining fee" promotion - try the club free of charge on a one day pass and join without incurring the usual joining fee.

Scroll down to find out what your own club is offering during Classes Week...

The club will be focusing on yoga as a discipline that’s suitable for young and old, and both men and women alike. Many sportsmen swear by yoga to guard against injury and increase flexibility. Yoga is also a great way to relax and improve the health of mind, body and spirit. A full cross-section of members already attend the club’s yoga classes, which feature on the club's comprehensive timetable on Mondays at 18.15, Wednesdays at 13.10, Thursdays at £18.15 and Fridays at 07.30 but the club would like to see more people, especially men, give it a try. There’s no need to feel embarrassed or intimidated – yoga’s for everyone, so why not bring a friend or partner along on a free One Day Pass, using the code FREEDAY?

The club will be highlighting the following classes/demo classes and you can bring a friend (subject to availability) on a free One Day Pass, using the code FREEDAY: -

Monday 16th 10am-10.30am
Functional Training
Monday 16th 11.30am-12noon
Core Blast
Thursday 19th 11.30am-11.50am
Body Balance taster
Thursday 19th 5.50pm – 6.20pm
Introduction to Body Combat technique.

Because they were such a hit last time the club organized them, Fitness4Less Canning Town is running three 45-minute Booty Camp sessions throughout the week to burn calories and tone up your legs and glutes. These classes are suitable for both men and women and if they prove equally popular during Classes Week, they may become a permanent fixture! Why not bring a friend or partner on a free One Day Pass, using the code FREEDAY? These classes will take place on: -

Monday 16th at 9pm
Tuesday 17th at 7am
Saturday 18th at 12:30 pm

The club will focus on the fact that with an instructor’s encouragement classes will make you push yourself, work harder and get results. Bring a friend on a free One Day Pass, using the code FREEDAY. Featured classes, some of which may be videoed and shown on social media, include: -

Monday 16th at 12 noon Boxfit
with personal trainer, Miguel Arroteia.
Wednesday 18th at 11.45am Spin
with class instructor, Lazuria Zaphet.
Friday 20th at 12 noon Power Bar
with class instructor, Mo Sheikh.

The club will be doing demos on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd, showcasing many of the different classes currently on the timetable.

Any member who brings a non-member (who goes free on a One Day Pass using the code FREEDAY) to a lunchtime class throughout the week (excluding Pilates) will be entered into a raffle with a chance to win a free One Month gym membership!

As well as running its usual great offering of diverse classes throughout Classes Week, the club will be posting quotes and comments from members that have just taking part in a class on social media. Members will also be encouraged to try these exciting New Les Mills classes: -

Body Pump, Wednesdays 6pm

Body Attack, Wednesdays 7pm
GRIT (Strength), Thursdays 6.45am
GRIT (Cardio), Tuesdays 5.30pm

You can also try the new class, Cardio Jive – Fridays 6pm

As well as encouraging members to try more of the classes on its comprehensive timetable (why not bring a friend on a One Day Pass using the code FREEDAY?), the gym will be promoting the following classes and workshops: -

Monday 16th March-12.15pm Indoor Spinathon
– Challenge yourself to complete 90mins of cycling on an indoor spin bike.
Thursday 19th March 12.15pm Rig & Boxing Class
– One hour of hard-hitting boxing and functional work.
Thursday 19th March – 7.30am FREE Bootcamp Taster Class -
Try out one of our few chargeable classes for free!

Gym Manager, Simon Gibbs, says "Come along and try out one of our class challenges or variations that will be sure to get you motivated and push you beyond your capabilities. All three classes will go live for booking 7 days in advance, so keep a look out and be sure to book early to avoid disappointment".

From Monday 16th – Friday 20th March @ 12:30pm
during Classes Week members will have the chance to try Class Roulette. The names of a variety of classes on the timetable will be written on pieces of paper and members can randomly draw the name of a class, which they may or may not have tried before. Members attending can bring a friend or colleague to this class to try it out free of charge.

Tuesday 17th March Spinathon
– Continuous Spin Class bookable on the ½ hour between 18:00-20:00. Members can book all 4 classes and cycle for 2 hours or just do ½ hour if they’d prefer.

Sunday 22nd March
Free Les Mills GRIT Class @ 08:30AM. The club will be hosting GRIT Strength and all attendees are welcome to bring a friend for free!

Manager Tom Ward is also currently working with the charity MIND on a pilot scheme to encourage people to join classes as a means of supporting their mental health, as well as their physical fitness. A trial class is taking place during Classes Week on Monday 16th March at 18.00 and he hopes to make this a regular feature on the timetable.

Manager Arran Arogunde is adding the following gym floor classes to the normal timetable for members and guests using a free One Day pass (using the code FREEDAY) to try: -

Monday- 6pm
HIIT 7pm Booty Camp
Tuesday- 6pm
Circuits 7pm Core Blast
Wednesday - 6pm
HIIT 7pm Booty Camp
Thursday - 6pm
Circuits 7pm Core blast

Also take a selfie before, during or after you'ver taken part in any class, which we may share on social media, and get a free 500ml Lucozade.

In addition to all the above, many Fitness4Less clubs will be featuring on our social media platforms photos, videos, demonstrations and talks (as well as feedback from class participants) to create a buzz around the joys of group fitness classes, so keep an eye out for these.

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