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Speedy Access To Fitness4Less When You're On The Go!

Speedy Access To Fitness4Less When You're On The Go!

We’re delighted to announce the exciting news that we've launched our brand new App! As a Fitness4Less member you’re able to download our brand new mobile App to your smartphone, enabling you to access all sorts of information and to keep in close touch with your gym while you’re on the move.

The Fitness4Less App is available from Apple and Android App stores, completely free of charge. As well as being super-convenient, the App will perform actions much more quickly than interacting with our website, giving you speedy access to details of classes, club updates, challenges, promotions, competitions, offers and lots more!

We know that one of the main attractions of Fitness4Less gyms (in addition to our clubs’ affordability, warm welcome and fantastic facilities) is the terrific range of group fitness classes that are included free of charge within your membership. One of the important benefits of the new App is that if you frequently book classes, you’ll be able to do so from your mobile device whenever it suits you. Once you’ve downloaded the App, you can view the class schedule and book or cancel classes quickly and easily with just a few taps. You’ll enjoy real-time access to our booking system with immediate results and no hassle.

Another advantage of the Fitness4Less App is that it will be personalised. You’ll be able to view your booking history, have a look at the class timetable, and based on what you’re searching for, see recommended classes that might appeal to your particular interests. It will also allow you to be more organised, as class bookings can be added to your online calendar and you’ll receive class booking reminders, making sure you manage your time effectively and that you get the most out of each busy day.

Going forward, the new App will incorporate even more features to improve your experience as a Fitness4Less member: -
  • It will enable access to our free unlimited Wi-Fi across all of our gyms.
  • It will incorporate a VIP Club, allowing members to get discounts from restaurants, clothing brands and local businesses.
  • It will give access to Rewards for friends and family - such as access to master classes, trial sessions and personal training taster sessions.
  • It will enable easy management of your membership through our personal membership portal, where you can update information, contact details, membership types and upgrades.
  • In the near future, the App will enable faster access to the gym and replace our fingerprint entry system with near field access.
Download our App today and keep a look out for further information and updates about this exciting new development on our social media platforms and never miss a class or any other club information again!

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