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Could Our Transform Initiative Get You Fighting Fit For 2020?

Could Our Transform Initiative Get You Fighting Fit For 2020?

As part of our campaign to “Get Fighting Fit For 2020”, we are re-introducing our TRANSFORM initiative, to give some more deserving candidates the chance to win some extra support to transform their lives for the better through the power of exercise. When we initially offered this last year at our Watford and Northampton clubs, the number of applicants that were keen to take part was overwhelming. Their stories were heart-warming, and we were gratified by the success of the scheme in incentivizing people that might have thought gym membership was out of their reach, to commit to get fit. So we’ve now decided to extend this offer to a number of Fitness4Less gyms.

Would you or someone you know benefit from a free 3 Month gym membership?
Fitness4Less is working closely with its partner charity, Friends of Fitness, to offer a number of chosen applicants the chance to receive just that, plus free fitness classes, swimming (Colchester, New Malden, Northampton only) and instructor support in the relaxed a friendly gym environment that our clubs offer.

Do you or someone you know need help to steer their life in a more healthy direction?
• Perhaps you need help in achieving a healthy weight and improving your confidence and self-esteem?
• Do you attend a support or charity group where your peers may also benefit, by attending as a group?
• Maybe you have had health issues or have been advised by your GP to start exercising but don’t know where to start and find it difficult to get motivated?
• Are you prepared to share your experiences and your progress on our Instagram & Facebook pages to inspire others?

If any of the above applies to you, our TRANSFORM programme could benefit you! Friends of Fitness is an independent community benefit society, which supports individuals that need help to develop life skills through exercise. Set up in 2015, it has allowed us to offer the use of good quality health and fitness facilities and a tailored package of on-going support to people that would normally be unable to take advantage of such facilities, due to factors such as age, infirmity, disability, financial hardship or adverse social circumstances. Last year a number of people that had experienced considerable adversity in their lives, were able to take advantage of the Transform scheme and turn their lives around. Some of these even went on to be crowned Member of the Year 2019 at some of our regional gyms.

Campaigns like Transform reflect the ethos of Fitness4Less and Friends of Fitness, which is to help people of all ages and fitness levels to get active, stay healthy and transform their lives. Our aim is to show what a positive and transformative experience gym membership and targeted training can be, to de-mystify it and to demonstrate that it’s not just for celebrities and elite athletes, but for everyone.

If you, a friend or a charity group you know are within reach of a Fitness4Less gym and would benefit from our help, please let us know their story. Applications are welcome via email at: -

New Malden: newmalden@

Terms and Conditions

• This campaign is running across both Instagram and Facebook and does not include Canning Town, Cambridge Heath or Worcester.
• Entries will be accepted via club emails until 31/05/2020.
• The 3-month membership must be taken before 31/12/20.
• To enter, simply tell us via club emails at the above addresses why you (or your support group) need our help on your health and fitness journey.
• Club winners will be selected by their club team and contacted directly by their club team.
• By taking part in this campaign you are agreeing to assist with the education of members and non-members by allowing some of your workouts or sections of your workouts to be filmed and photographed. You are also agreeing to give your personal feedback of the process and its effect on your wellbeing, health and fitness. By participating you are allowing material to be used on our website, social media platforms and in marketing materia

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