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Fighting Fit For 2020 - Let's Kick That Winter Lethargy Into Touch!

Fighting Fit For 2020 - Let's Kick That Winter Lethargy Into Touch!

Hopefully, everyone’s enjoyed the Christmas and New Year celebrations with good food and drink, great company and some well-deserved relaxation and recuperation. But now’s the time to shake off those winter blues and kick start the new decade by joining our campaign to “Get Fighting Fit For 2020”!

And the clue’s in the name – we’re encouraging members to try something new, get into the combative spirit and join some of our group exercise classes that involve punching and kicking your way to fitness, including: -

Classes involve a variety of moves and techniques, such as shadow boxing, skipping, hitting pads, kicking punch bags, press-ups, shuttle-runs and sit-ups. Usually accompanied by music, this is a safe, fun and challenging way to get a good, all-over workout.

Box Fit
Get fit and fight the fat. Based on the training used for boxing, you use gloves, pads, bags and skipping work in a challenging, yet extremely enjoyable class, which increases your agility and works your abdominals, focusing on fitness and toning. Bring a partner with you for double the fun or make friends and find some sparring partners in the class. Classes usually include a warm up and a cool down and stretch.

Kick Fit
This is a fitness and cardio class, based on martial arts techniques, designed to burn calories, sharpen your reactions and improve your fitness.

Some of our gyms also offer specialised martial arts classes like Taekwondo, Krav Maga or Piloxing, a non-stop cardio fusion of standing Pilates, boxing and dance that incorporates cutting edge research and fitness techniques to burn maximum calories, build lean muscles and increase stamina.

All Fitness4Less clubs include boxing facilities and equipment and some have fitness staff that specialise in boxing. For example, Fitness4Less Northampton offers boxing workshops, led by fitness professional and pro wrestler, Estelle, which are designed to develop your inner fight and be intellectually stimulating, as well as being really enjoyable.

Also at Northampton, Andy Biseker runs a HIIT ‘N’ MIX class on Friday mornings 06:50. This is a high intensity, fast-pace cardio workout that mixes basic boxing skills, including form and footwork, using focus pads and boxing body shields, combined with functional training and fast cardio bursts. There’s a strong rapport between participants in the class, and inventive and varied exercises make the brain work hard, so you're distracted from thinking about getting tired.

Dan, our Club Manager at Northampton, can't sing the praises of boxing classes and training programmes highly enough. He says, "Boxing is a really great total body workout. It provides a balanced combination of cardiovascular and resistance training and is excellent for all levels of fitness and experience. It is also really good fun - what's not to like! I would really encourage someone who hasn't ever tried a boxing class or used the boxing bags and supplementary equipment to give it a go. One of our instructors will be happy to give you some guidance and advice."

So, even if just now you’re feeling you couldn’t punch your way out of a paper bag, take yourself in hand and try one of our classes to get you fighting fit to make the most of 2020. You’ll feel energized, use muscles you never knew you had and kick and punch your frustrations into touch. You never know, you might just get a kick out of trying something new too!

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