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Share The Good Things In Life!

Share The Good Things In Life!

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, love and friendship and close relationships in general, from 13th - 17th February 2020 we are offering fantastic discounts on our prepaid gym memberships, to encourage existing members or people that live or work locally to bring someone they care about along to the gym, so they can travel on their fitness journey together.

  • Receive a 30% discount on a prepaid 3 Month gym membership – an ideal way to get started if you’re new to exercise – a long enough period to see results and short enough not to be too daunting.
  • Receive a 15% discount on a pre-paid Peak Annual gym membership – a very cost-effective way of committing yourself to regular exercise with no strings attached.
Both of these membership types include a free ½ hour gym intro, a free ½ hour taster session with a personal trainer, full use of all the gym’s equipment and facilities and loads of free classes.

Making a positive commitment to get fit and healthy is a real investment in yourself, and doing this with someone you are fond of is an investment in your relationship too. There are numerous reasons why working out with someone you’re close to pays dividends: -

  1. You will encourage one another to keep going and offer mutual support when you’re flagging.
  2. It can be lonely working out on your own. It's much more fun to exercise with someone else, and you can enjoy a laugh as you get to know the ropes in what may be an unfamiliar environment.
  3. Going to the gym together can be part of your social life and can form a habit you schedule into your calendar and stick to. This is especially true if you invest time and money in committing to a 3 Month or a 12 Month gym membership.
  4. A little friendly rivalry and competition can motivate you to set targets and improve your performance.
  5. The endorphin rush that exercise generates can cement and benefit your relationship.Finding a common interest in getting fit and healthy can be a better use of your free time than passively watch TV, eating or drinking too much or pouring over your mobile phone.
  6. A vigorous workout can help you let off steam and divert your aggression into physical activity, so you may find you argue less and feel happier.
  7. Caring about your loved ones' fitness is a great way of showing your affection and friendship - after all, you want them to enjoy a long and healthy life, just as you do.
So, whether you're currently a member at Fitness4Less or just someone who thinks it's time they improved their health and fitness, why not take up one of our special discounted memberships with your life partner, your lovely neighbour, your best buddy, your mum, dad, brother or sister and prove to yourself that working out with a "significant other" will be double bubble when it comes to having fun and twice as effective as exercising on your own.

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