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New! Les Mills Classes at Fitness4Less

New! Les Mills Classes at Fitness4Less

We’re delighted to announce that Fitness4Less is “taking fitness to the next level” by introducing Les Mills classes to the timetable at a number of its gyms, with plans to expand this programme over the coming months. Inspired by legendary New Zealand Olympian athlete, Les Mills and developed by his son Phillip, Les Mills is now a global phenomenon that has taken the fitness world by storm.

Taking a scientific approach to creating and refining workouts to ensure that they are safe, effective and really get results, and combining these with exhilarating music, Les Mills group fitness classes are inspiring, motivational and powerful. They’re designed to make you truly fall in love with fitness.

These are just some of the Les Mills classes that may be available already at your club or that are coming soon, and an idea of what you can expect and what benefits you’ll get from attending these classes: -

This is the ideal barbell class for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit. Using light to moderate weights and lots of repetition, the class is challenging but entertaining, so you’ll have fun, get a total body workout, burn loads of calories and leave the class keen to come back for more.

This high-energy class combines athletic moves like running and jumping with strength exercises like push-ups and squats, all to pumping music to motivate you, inspire you and fill you with elation.

A great adjunct to our “Get Fighting Fit In 2020” campaign, a Bodycombat martial arts-inspired workout will have you kicking and punching your way to fitness. There’s no contact and no difficult moves to master. Have a blast and feel like a champion.

GRIT Strength
Designed to push up your heart rate, improve your cardiovascular fitness and build strong, lean muscles, this is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout using barbells, weight plates and bodyweight exercises, combined with powerful music and motivation from an inspirational coach.

GRIT Athletic
This is a 30-minute HIIT sports conditioning workout, including steps and bodyweight exercises, to increase your athletic performance, strength, agility, speed and power. Pounding music and encouragement from your coach will motivate you to try harder and get fitter faster.

GRIT Cardio
This is a HIIT workout to improve your cardiovascular fitness and maximise your calorie burn with a variety of intense and challenging bodyweight exercises. Pounding music will drive you on to work hard and exceed your expectations.

This is a yoga-based class for all fitness levels that also includes elements of Pilates and Tai Chi, to stretch and strengthen your body, improve your balance and leave you feeling calm and centred.

Watch this space for some of these new classes launching at Fitness4Less gyms over the next few months!

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