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Are You A Poet But Don't Know It?

Are You A Poet But Don't Know It?

We hope that you’re enjoying our #Gympoet campaign, where we’ve tried to bring a few words of wisdom and flights of fancy into the gym environment. We hope too that it’s brought back memories of poems you’ve enjoyed in the past and prompted you to look them up and re-read them. The idea is to stretch your mind as well as your muscles, but in the unlikely event of this campaign having passed you by, you can find our more about our poetry initiative in our previous blog/1353/

You may also have noticed various displays flagging up #Gympoet around your club, including: -

• Displays of A1 posters and mini poem cards.

• Poems on our digital screens by Northampton-based Gym Poet, James McInerney, who initiated this campaign, to make you think and inspire you.

• Branded merchandise, including tote bags, desk pads, water bottles and notebooks displaying the #Gympoet logo.

We are now expanding our poetry promotion by inviting our members and followers on our social media platforms to submit a poem they have written themselves to entertain, inspire and motivate other members. Whether you compose a sonnet or a limerick, an ode or a haiku, a rap or an elegy, it doesn’t matter. It can be short and sweet or a bit longer, and it can be rhyming, rhythmic, lyrical or experimental – it’s entirely up to you!

Entries can be submitted on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter from 14th November and the closing date is 28th November 2019. Our Gym Poet, James McInerney, will choose his favourite and the winner will be announced on social media in mid December.

Finally, the winning poem will be displayed on digital screens across all our gyms in January to inspire members and reinforce their New Year resolutions to achieve or exceed their goals.

So, get your thinking caps on, use your imagination, embrace the chance to release your inner poet, and write a poem that will amuse, entertain and move your fellow members.

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