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A Saucy Offer From Fitness4Less Worcester - 10% Off An Annual Gym Membership Until 31st July 2019

A Saucy Offer From Fitness4Less Worcester - 10% Off An Annual Gym Membership Until 31st July 2019

As well as its famous sauce, one of the best things to come out of the lovely city of Worcester is its Fitness4Less gym, built less than two years ago as part of the city’s multi million pound Cathedral Square redevelopment. The well-equipped and stylish club, which boasts a Prowler running track and a beautifully lit swimming pool, is a superb yet affordable place to exercise, and it's even better value if you join up this month. Until 31st of July 2019, the club is offering a very tasty 10% discount on its popular Peak Annual gym membership. Instead of the usual (& very reasonable) £249.00, you will pay only £224.10 for a whole year’s use of the club during all normal opening hours – incredibly, that’s little more than 62p a day.

If you join up this July, you can remind yourself every month over the next twelve months what an amazing investment you’ve made in your own fitness, health and wellbeing by popping down to Fitness4Less Worcester and signing up for an Annual gym membership at a bargain price (or joining on line). Here are twelve other reasons why an Annual gym membership at Fitness4Less represents such a great deal: -

1. An Annual gym membership is our cheapest option and offers exceptional value, with great facilities, unlimited workouts, classes, workshops and advice for just pennies per day – far less than the cost of a regular cappuccino!

With our beautiful, relaxing pool, sauna and steam on site, you can truly relax and unwind in a peaceful environment after a hard workout, exercise class or personal training session. You may prefer to get involved in something slightly more energetic; if so, then our aqua aerobics classes are a great way to improve your fitness through low impact movement.


2. We offer a fantastic range of free classes. There are over 50 free group exercise classes every week, which will increase your motivation and bring fun into your exercise routine.

3. We offer functional training - a super-effective method of working out. Core exercises and functional training use your body weight to improve your strength and tone your muscles. Functional training extends these principles, using a number of interesting fitness accessories to bring diversity to your exercise regime.

4. Free weights and strength training. Cardio fitness is important, but utilising free-weights and doing some strength training is increasingly accepted as being beneficial to the majority of people, rather than just muscle-builders. Using free weights improves your strength and muscle tone but also increases bone density, which can help prevent the onset of osteoporosis in later life.

5. Feel at ease, accepted and welcome. Our company philosophy is all about making sure that our team of staff are friendly, approachable and interested in our members. We are always glad to see you and say 'Hi', catch up on your news and assist you with any of your fitness or membership queries.

6. Our gym members are just like you! We attract people from all backgrounds, age groups and fitness levels. Many members have not exercised in a long time and are not familiar with our gym equipment, but that doesn't matter one bit. Be reassured that you will feel at ease in our gym, no matter what your goals are. We like to treat everyone individually and tailor a range of classes, workshops and activities that will motivate and inspire you.

7. Receive a free 'Gym Intro'/orientation session If you have had a break from exercise or you do not feel too confident in the gym, make sure you take advantage of our introductory offers. All new members are entitled to attend a free Gym Intro, which you can book online.

8. Clean, attractive changing rooms and showers. We think you should also enjoy the experience of getting changed and showered for your work-out, so we make every effort to ensure that our locker rooms are pleasant to use, with vanity areas and hairdryers available, and secure lockers to store your belongings while you exercise.

9. Free Workshops. If you have ever thought, "I would love to try that equipment but I really don't have a clue how to use it”, then our workshops would be great for you. During a workshop session, which typically lasts for around 15 minutes, we explore new exercise trends, techniques are broken down into easy steps and our instructors are there to offer friendly and informative advice and guidance.


10. Motivational Gym Challenges. Through regular challenges, we encourage you to try new things, test out new classes and get involved in unfamiliar activities. This will ensure that you are always learning and progressing and not hitting a plateau of fitness without getting any further. Our online blog is packed full of suggested exercise programmes, nutritious recipes, tips and advice to keep you on the right track.

11. Invest in your community. Being part of Fitness4Less and our Friends Of Fitness charitable association, means that you can put something back into society and get involved in our local charitable events and activities.

12. Feel Better. Invest in a membership and invest in yourself. We know that you will feel fitter, have more energy and undoubtedly feel happier for it!


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