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Fitness4Less Member of The Year Competition - Be Inspired By Last Year's Winners

Fitness4Less Member of The Year Competition - Be Inspired By Last Year's Winners

The search for the Fitness4Less individual clubs’ Member of The Year 2019 has begun and we thought you’d be interested and inspired to get an update on some of last year’s deserving winners.

In 2018 our overall Fitness4Less Group Member of the Year was Martin Canavan from our New Malden club, who had undergone an intense two-year personal training and rehabilitation programme, following two gruelling operations to remove brain tumours. Because of his hard work and determination to get back to fitness, Martin won £800 in holiday vouchers and £150 in vouchers for Nike fitness clothing.

Matt Stockland, Martin's personal trainer says, "Martin continues to progress steadily, each day gaining more strength in his legs and upper body and improving his co-ordination and balance. Each week we increase his repetitions, weight resistance exercises and cardio, getting him to perform different movements involving balance, strength and co-ordination. Overall Martin feels better mentally and physically, and has gained more confidence in performing everyday tasks, such as walking, getting dressed, shopping and travelling on public transport. His mood has improved and he finds it easier to focus in general. Winning Member Of The Year last year was a great achievement for Martin and has encouraged him to continue coming to the gym and to work out on his own, as well as with me. He is now able to use the pool and sauna, which adds to his enjoyment and varies his workouts when he visits the club."

The winners of the regional heats at our other Fitness4Less clubs all had inspirational and often moving stories about their fitness journeys and have been making the most of their prize of a free annual gym membership.

For example, Jeff Mason from our Northampton club says, “2018 was a great year for me as I finally regained the fitness and strength I lost during my illness of a couple of years ago. I posted my best marathon time for 5 years, ran the 5km Parkrun in under 22 minutes and got my weight back up to 11 st. I’m a regular at the Fitness4Less spin classes, do a core class every Thursday and have a go at a few of the Apex classes too. Fitness4Less has played a massive part in my recovery and long may it continue. Thanks to everyone there.”

Anwen Walkerdine from Fitness4Less Colchester faced a rare and aggressive form of cancer, which involved several operations and months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Keeping fit was essential in fighting her illness, and winning the title of Member of the Year was a massive boost to her self-confidence, encouraging her to continue to challenge herself physically. She believes she is fitter now than before she had cancer and that it is also really important for her children to see that exercise should be a normal part of your everyday routine.

Fitness4Less Watford’s Member of the Year, Ewa Zawada, has also battled recurring bouts of cancer, as well as the serious autoimmune disease lupus. She says, “Being Watford’s 2018 Member of the Year has been amazing. If I had treatment in the morning, going to the gym in the evening helped me stay happy and positive. Also, the staff and other members are truly like family, which makes everything a lot easier to deal with."

Don’t forget that if you have (or if someone you know has) an inspirational story of hard work and life changing results in 2018/19 that you would like to share, why not enter our Member of the Year* competition via Facebook or Instagram? You’ve got nothing to lose, and you never know... you may end up like Martin, Jeff, Anwen and Ewa and all our other fantastic Members of the Year - with a wonderful prize in recognition of your outstanding efforts.

*Member Of the Year Club and Group winners photos and personal stories will be promoted on our social media pages and on a winners blog.

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