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The Top 3 Benefits of Attending Classes

The Top 3 Benefits of Attending Classes

One of the great things about being a member of a Fitness4Less club is the huge number of group fitness classes we offer – from Apex to Zumba – which come free with your gym membership. They’re easy to book on line and you can also cancel on line if you find you can’t attend, so there’s really no reason not to take advantage of them.

Classes are friendly and inclusive, and if you feel a bit nervous, ask a friend along for moral support. You won’t be expected to be an expert and know everything in advance; the class teacher will show you the ropes, encourage you, and take account of the fact that you may be a beginner. Classes are designed for all levels of ability and range from high energy, fast and furious, to slower, more relaxing sessions, and those taking part usually find that they relish the challenge, camaraderie and fun of working in a group. It’s just a question of choosing something you think you’ll enjoy or that involves a discipline or piece of equipment you’d like to learn about.


Here are the three top benefits of taking part in classes: -

  1. Classes are instructor-led, so they’re ideal if your workouts lack direction and you’re looking for a routine that works you hard, teaches you how to exercise correctly and gets results.
  2. Classes are time-limited, so you concentrate your exercise into a short, fixed period and gain the maximum benefit from your time at the gym. Attending classes makes it easier to fit exercise into your busy lifestyle, as many classes take place early in the morning, at lunchtime or after work.
  3. Classes give you a chance to try something new and to learn how to use unfamiliar equipment effectively and safely. If you’re curious about Pilates or want to learn how to use a stationary spin bike, for example, why not try an appropriate class? If you like dancing, how about Boogie Bounce or Zumba? If you want to learn about weight training, there's Power Bar or for functional training, X-Cube. You can find out about the classes your gym offers and read short descriptions of what they involve and who the trainer leading the class is by clicking on the Classes button on our website.If you’re still not sure what to choose, ask other members what they enjoy or have a word with one of the fitness team, who will gladly give you some advice and guidance.
Finally, if you find a particular class doesn’t suit you, you can always try something else. After all, there's lots of choice!

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