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Our REVITALISE Free Personal Training Project Is Now Underway - Meet The Winners!

Our REVITALISE Free Personal Training Project Is Now Underway - Meet The Winners!

As part of our current Refresh, Revitalise, Relax campaign, we asked Fitness4Less members to tell us why they deserved to win the chance to enjoy three personal training sessions a week for a whole month with some of our expert in-house P.T.s, absolutely free of charge. Successful candidates were required to agree to share their experiences with others on social media through photos, vlogs and personal feedback. Our aim in running this competition was to show our members first hand what a positive and transformative experience personal training can be, to de-mystify it and to demonstrate that it’s not just for celebrities and elite athletes, but for everyone.

The number of worthy applicants that wanted to take up this fantastic opportunity to get professional help and advice and kick-start their fitness regime was quite overwhelming. Many people cited their desire to overcome their lack of body confidence and lose weight– for a wedding, a planned holiday, to be a role model for their children or to help them go into older age as fit and healthy as possible. Others wanted help in recovering from serious injury or long-term health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure or ME. Some thought that personal training would improve their mental health issues – anxiety, eating disorders, emotional trauma or feeling “past it”. Others just wanted guidance on how to exercise properly, avoid injury, do weight training correctly or learn how to use the weird and wonderful machines with which our gyms are all equipped.

All the applications were sent to our Club Managers, and in conjunction with the Personal Trainers that had agreed to take part in this venture, the final winners were chosen. It was extremely difficult to choose just a few people out of the many deserving hopefuls that applied but the decision was based on two criteria - matching the applicant’s goals and aims to the specific personal trainer's background and expertise, and helping someone to whom they felt personal training could make a real difference.

The winners at the Fitness4Less regional gyms, who have now embarked on their month-long personal training adventure, are as follows: -

Winner: Dan McCauley
Since his teenage years Dan has struggled with his weight management. Within the last few years he has really started to change his mindset to tackle this issue. Dan has been attending the gym regularly and has made conscious efforts to learn about nutrition, to eat more healthily and live a more active lifestyle, but has found it difficult to maintain this. Dan wants to lose weight and become fitter in order not only to find his physically demanding job easier, but to improve his lifestyle. He wants to build good habits into his life, and expert knowledge and guidance from a personal trainer will make all the difference. Dan will be trained by P.T. Andy Gerson, who specialises in tailoring functional training programmes for weight loss, muscle building and increased cardiovascular fitness. His sessions are designed to be challenging but varied and fun, helping his clients to set goals and surpass them.

Cambridge Heath
Winner: Clive Taylor

Age 38 and weighing 21st 4lbs, Clive has high blood pressure and a family history of diabetes, joint problems and other health issues. At the beginning of January 2019 he vowed to take himself in hand, for the sake of his health as much as for aesthetic reasons. He has already lost well over a stone through his own efforts but now feels he has hit a wall and needs help to "live a good, happy and healthy lifestyle." He is being trained by P.T. Liam Cole, a keen footballer, who specialises in goal-orientated and tailor-made sports-specific training, fat loss, body transformations and strength training for people who want to see serious changes in their bodies.

Canning Town
Winner: Eleonora Tagliento
Eleonora moved to Canning Town last August and was passing by the gym every day on her way back home and thought this must be a sign. She has never been a gym member before and really wants to change her lifestyle to be healthier, to work her body harder and see how far she can go. It took Eleonora 5 months to finally find the courage and determination and to feel a bit more confident to cross our entrance door and sign herself up to the gym. She is looking to achieve great results with someone that pushes her and gives her directions and helps with the pains she experiences in her lower back. Eleonora will be coached by P.T. Jordan Mortlock, who specialises in high intensity interval training, and who has a background in boxing. Jordan is passionate about health and fitness and she will create fun and creative workout sessions, specifically targeted towards Eleonora's goals.

Winner: Tom Jack

Tom is a long-standing member of Fitness4Less Colchester and has twice run the London Marathon for charity and recently completed the Make it Matter challenge in aid of St Helena's Hospice. He is looking to get really fit, so that he can continue raising money for good causes. He is being trained by P.T. Andy Isted, who is particularly experienced in endurance events, such as triathlons, having completed a huge number himself, and who loves seeing people achieve their fitness goals.

Winner: Sabrine Herridge
Sabrine has battled with her weight for a while and although she has been successful in losing some excess pounds, she is currently struggling to lose any more, and to tone up certain areas of her body. This has knocked her self-confidence and she thinks that a month's personal training will help her become more active and learn what exercises she needs to do to become leaner and stronger. She will be coached by P.T.Darrian Sheppard, a keen bodybuilder, who will show her the right exercises to do and give her advice on healthy eating, to set her on the path towards achieving her ideal weight and becoming more confident in her own skin.

Winner: Melissa Foxon
Melissa’s celebrating her 40th birthday this year and would like personal training to give her a kick-start to make sure she’s in the very best shape to see in her next decade. She will be mentored by P.T. Reece Beal, who tailors his sessions to suit people of all abilities, showing them that with the right teaching and a bit of dedication, anyone can surpass their goals.

Winner: Sam Rhodes
Sam would love help with her fitness to get her past the post-Christmas slump. She visits the gym 4 times a week, attending classes and doing her own workouts, but has plateaued and wants help in learning how to use all the new gym equipment available, to vary her exercises and keep things interesting. Sam will be coached by P.T. Ellis Mason, who tailors his sessions to meet the needs and aspirations of the individual, setting them on the right path towards achieving their fitness goals.

Winner: Simon Bowles

Simon has just attempted an uneducated 3-month bulk, which has mainly resulted in unwanted growth around his waist. He’s getting married in May and is looking for help in transforming his body and revitalising his mind to look his best and feel confident on his special day. He is being coached by P.T. Sam Aremu, who specialises in weight loss, physical and mental strength, muscle toning and definition and good nutrition. He says that his training programme helps his clients burn calories and define their natural physique, so they should be a pair well matched.

Winner: Lyndsey Welch
Lyndsey sprained her ankle during the London Marathon 3 years ago and after months of physiotherapy and steroid injections, has only just started running again. She's desperate to get back the fitness that was previously an important part of her life. She hopes that a month of personal training will kick start her fitness journey, remind her what she's capable of and help tailor her exercise to take account of her still-sensitive ankle. Lyndsey is being mentored by P.T. Nalatia Jelsicova, who specialises in toning, weight managment and nutrition and exercise plans designed to fit her clients' individual requirements. She will give Lyndsey the confidence she needs to get back to fitness.

Winner: Kimberley Pomeroy
Kimberley is trying for a baby but experiencing difficulties because of medical issues. Her consultant has told her that getting fitter might increase her chances of getting pregnant but she struggles to motivate herself and is unsure what exercises to do. She will be helped by P.T.s Jake Weekes and Charlie Kavanagh, both of whom are experienced in helping people to set goals, get fitter and enjoy the process with fun and engaging workouts.

Winner: Teona Horrocks

Having been a member at Fitness4Less Watford for several months, Teona regularly works out at the gym, attends classes and has improved her eating habits. She feels that personal training will give her that extra push to help her look and feel her best for an exciting holiday in Barbados in April. She’s looking forward to documenting her journey to achieve better physical and mental health to inspire others. Her P.T will be Khyyam Hussein, who will support Teona to challenge herself, break barriers and get to her goal faster with a programme designed specifically to make her the best version of herself.

Winner: Helen Lynch
Because of a painful neck and shoulder injury, Helen has been unable to do any exercise for over a year, resulting in weight gain and a loss of fitness. Having just turned 40 and with a son about to graduate from university, Helen would love to feel happier about the way she looks and feels. She likes to be told what she needs to do exercise-wise and so has booked onto a few fitness classes, but feels that a month’s personal training would give her the focus and guidance she needs. P.T. Matt Gwynne will be helping Helen with a variety of engaging and challenging training sessions, tailored to her individual needs, and will give her nutritional advice to help her become fitter, healthier and happier.

Winner: Lisa Mitton
Lisa recently turned 40, her children are now teenagers and don't need her as much as they did, and she's feeling a bit down and lacking in direction. She says that going to the gym improves her mood but thinks she needs to focus more on improving her self-belief and confidence. She needs guidance from someone who'll set her some goals to aim for and help her prove that she's not "past it" and that there's a positive future to look forward to. Lisa will be mentored by P.T. Tim Smith, who specialises in transformative training to help people be the best possible version of themselves.

We know that many of you will be disappointed not to have been chosen to take part in this project, but we hope that you will have something in common with at least some of our worthy winners and will follow their progress on Instagram with interest. The personal trainers that have agreed to coach them will be imparting useful tips and techniques along the way and we hope that all our members, whether or not they applied to take up this fantastic opportunity, will learn something and perhaps be inspired to give personal training a try themselves.

Don’t forget that all new Fitness4Less members are entitled to a half-hour personal training taster session as part of their gym membership, and that the classes and workshops we provide are very helpful in showing you how to use equipment, how to exercise safely and how to put the fun into fitness! And please don't be shy about asking our lovely staff for help if you need it.

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