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27th/28th February - FLASH SALE - 2 Days Only!

27th/28th February - FLASH SALE - 2 Days Only!

As February 2019 comes to a close and we “March” ahead into spring, now’s a great time to start getting fit and healthy in preparation for the longer, hopefully warmer, summer days ahead.

With this in mind, Fitness4Less is holding a 48 hour FLASH SALE from Wednesday 27th to Thursday 28th February with a “Join For Free” offer on our popular Direct Debit gym memberships. For two days only the usual joining fee will be waived and you’ll only pay the first month’s subscription to join, with subsequent monthly fees payable by Direct Debit.

So why not take advantage of this great offer, giving you a chance to save money, whilst making a serious commitment to get fit and healthy at one of our fresh, fun and affordable clubs? We're sure you'll learn a lot, have a laugh and make new friends, as you embark on your exciting new fitness journey.

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