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Charlie Kavanagh & Jake Weekes - Sutton PT

Charlie Kavanagh & Jake Weekes - Sutton PT

Charlie Kavanagh & Jake Weekes - 2 Trainers, 2 vast amounts of knowledge and experience.

Charlie and Jake have large differences in their backgrounds; they have combined forces, putting all of their life and training experiences into their ultimate personal training systems.

The lucky transformation programme winner, Kimberley, will be experiencing 2 of the systems that they have in place:

Semi-Private Personal Training (SPPT) and 1-2-1 (Private) Personal Training (121 PT)

What are these and who are they for?

Well, 121PT & SPPT are designed for absolutely anyone, from beginners to advanced gym goers. SPPT differs from 121PT mainly because it can cater for up to 8 individuals per session. Charlie and Jake have created this training system, whereby all involved can aspire towards their own personal goals and achievements.

With bespoke training and nutrition programmes, SPPT allows anybody to experience the high-quality coaching of a 121 session whilst sharing their experience with other friendly and motivated individuals.

Within 121 PT sessions, Kimberley will have the undivided attention of the coaches, whereby more specific and tailored coaching tips will be provided, facilitating her progress towards her goals.

Not only this, but Kimberley will experience being part of a larger community of clientele, gaining access to the Private Facebook community where everyone can share their highs and lows, their top tips and can find support from others who are on similar journeys.

Check out this page to keep up to date with Kimberley's progress and share in her transformation journey!

Find out more about Jake and Charlie's training programmes by calling Jake (07549 110579) or Charlie (07479005278) to find out more.

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