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Sam Aremu - Southwark PT

Sam Aremu - Southwark PT

My name is Samuel Aremu and I am a Personal Trainer at Southwark. For me Personal Training is a way of helping people to achieve life changing goals.

My style of training is influenced from my personal experience of body transformations, as for 3 years I participated in bodybuilding, which has given me a solid understanding of discipline and how to transform the human body.

I'm also influenced by my participation in the Channel 4 TV hit series ‘SAS Who Dares Wins’ which really taught me that achieving your goals is largely about mental strength and your willingness to succeed. I use what I learned through these experiences to help build a positive mindset in the clients I train.

I am really excited to start work with our transformation winner, Simon, on his health and fitness journey. I hope to empower him, so that he is able to make the necessary lifestyle changes to make exercise a way of life - let's go!

As a personal trainer my key focuses are on : Body Transformation (compositions), Mental strength, Functional fitness and Strength. If you would like to find out more, please contact me on: 07450 210370

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