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Help With Your Winter Workouts Is On The Cards!

Help With Your Winter Workouts Is On The Cards!

We know we’re in for at least four months when the cold and dark make exercising out of doors rather less appealing than it was earlier in the year. Certainly, regularly attending the gym throughout the winter is a great way to continue your summer training indoors, and we’re always thinking up ways to encourage and motivate you, and help you get the maximum value from your gym membership. That’s why we’re introducing a new range of handy exercise programme cards to guide and instruct you, and to give some structure to your workouts.

You may be familiar already with our orange 30 Minute Gym Intro cards, which have been available for new members to use for some time. The first of these summarises six simple exercises to give a total body workout, which are also covered in our half-hour gym introduction sessions, to remind members what to do in their first few visits to the gym. The second card describes some easy and essential stretches to do before and after working out.

More recently we have introduced cards demonstrating a Cardiovascular workout and a Weights workout, which are also suitable for beginners. These demonstrate exercises that focus on improving your heart and lung fitness or suggest ways of working on toning your body, using a range of equipment available in the gym.

In a collaboration between our managers, personal trainers and team of fitness experts, we’ve now designed three brand new dark pink cards, which we’re making available to our members, aimed at more advanced exercisers or those who have completed the routines on the orange cards and who want to progress. These focus on particular areas, and describe short workout programmes with general tips outlined on the back of each card. They will add challenge and variety to your workouts and they cover the following zones: -

  • Back & Biceps
  • Legs
  • Chest & Shoulders
The routines described on the new cards are designed to help you focus on specific areas of the body, which you want to strengthen or tone. They make exercising easier, as you have a guide to follow, and they motivate you to complete a comprehensive series of exercises correctly, safely and effectively.

We know that many of our members like to target certain zones, which they feel need more attention, on different days – for example, “Leg Days” are a perennially popular topic on social media – and our Legs card will help with improving this specific area of your body. Beat the boredom of doing the same old thing every time you visit the gym by following the suggested exercises on the card. It will give you something new and exciting on which to concentrate your energies, stop you getting into a rut and offer you a different challenge, freshening your outlook on improving your health and fitness.

Following the suggestions on our new cards allows you to test yourself and see how much you can achieve – probably more than you might think! Your progress will gradually become visibly apparent – for example, if you regularly follow the exercises on the Back & Biceps card, you will see your bicep muscles becoming more toned and stronger from the work you have put in. And if you follow the Chest & Shoulders card, you will achieve similar results in these areas too.

Always feel free to ask our personal trainers if you’re not sure about anything that is outlined on one of the programme cards. Most clubs will have these routines displayed in large poster format on the walls of the gym as well, so that you can always look at the posters to follow the featured exercises.

For a change, you don't need to feel that the "cards are stacked against you". Just follow the Fitness4Less Workout Programme cards to work towards that positive outcome you know you can achieve!

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