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New Fitness Trends - Our Managers' Views!

New Fitness Trends - Our Managers' Views!

There are so many new trends and fads being launched - from LIIT sessions to boxing classes, and from wearable tech to online workouts - that we thought we would ask a couple of our club managers their opinions.

They might just help you decide whether these new trends could help your training or if they are a definite NO NO!

Online Workouts

Tom, our Watford Manager, believes online workouts do have their place, but that nothing can beat having a qualified trainer present.

"Given how readily available the Internet is to most of us now and the current boost that social media has given to the fitness industry, online workouts and programming have become quite common within the market. Trainers and organisations will sometimes offer these free of charge, but they're more likely to come with some kind of cost to you.

Personally, I feel the online programming aspect of the industry is great for those who already have some basic knowledge of exercises and safe training conduct, and that it also allows a personalised programme to be obtained either free or at a reduced rate, when compared to regular Personal Training. However, as it lacks the presence of a real, qualified person, who can recognise potential issues with form, personal mobility, strength and even motivation, it can sometimes fall a little short of what you need to help you aspire towards your end goal in a safe and sustained manner."

TOP TIP: Only ever use a programme that’s been written and distributed by a qualified instructor!


The average person’s interest in boxing has sky rocketed in recent times, given the talent we have witnessed on TV screens all around the country. Due to this, it’s only natural that people have wanted to get gloved up and pound some pads, which is exactly what we are seeing across the FItness4Less group each week!

Dan, our Manager at Northampton, can't sing the praises of boxing classes and training programmes highly enough.

"Boxing is a really great total body workout. It provides a balanced combination of cardiovascular and resistance training and is great for all levels of fitness and experience. It is also really good fun - what's not to like! I would really encourage someone who hasn't ever tried a boxing class or used the boxing bags and supplementary equipment to give it a go. One of our instructors will be happy to give you some guidance and advice."

Our Watford Manager Tom agrees : -

"Boxing, when done correctly, is an awesome way to develop some serious cardiovascular endurance, enhance coordination and burn fat in a fun and engaging atmosphere. My professional advice if you have even a slight interest in boxing, is to attend a class or work with a trainer on a one-on-one basis, so you can really get to grips with the techniques required to ensure you get most out of what I believe is one of the best ways of getting fighting fit!"

TOP TIP: Don't forget, if you’re a member of Fitness4Less you get a free ½ hour with one of the Personal Trainers, which could be used as an opportunity to learn the basics of boxing!

Wearable Tech

The tech savvy culture we all live in now has given rise to some pretty serious fitness gizmos that help track everything from heart rate training zones, all the way through to calorific burn. Given how advanced technology is getting, it’s only a matter of time before they become even more cutting-edge and present data that can be really mind-boggling!

Dan is a real fan of wearable tech. "I think it is really important to record your efforts in order to see your progress, whether that is simple step recording or heart rate monitoring, ensuring you are working in your correct heart rate zones. It is extrememly motivational, and can help break your end goal down into manageable chunks, so that you feel you are achieving along the way."

Tom agrees it can be useful, but raises a note of caution. "In my opinion, I believe that wearable technology that helps track your goals and personal training targets is pretty awesome, especially if you looking to really fine-tune your conditioning. With that said though, the cost element in purchasing a tool like this means it could end up being a waste of money if you do not use the device in question to it’s full potential.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a reason why pretty much every professional athlete in the world uses wearable tech to track data and personal performance, but to the person in the street - is it really necessary? Before you purchase wearable tech, you have to be honest with yourself and see whether you are already doing the right things to achieve your fitness related desires. If you’re not, it’s probably better to save the money on the tech and invest more time and effort into refining your training sessions through the guidance of a professional, who can tell you what you're doing right, and where you can improve."

TOP TIP: Talk to a personal trainer about what wearable tech may be helpful for you. We are all individuals, and it is improtant to look at how these gadgets will help you specifically, or if you need them at all.

LIIT (Low Intensity Interval Training)

Most of us have now heard of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and how short sharp bursts of exercise can have just as great a benefit as working out for an hour in the gym. However, we now have the launch of a number of LIIT classes across the country - what are the benefits?

LIIT is a slower paced, reduced intensity workout, with low impact exercises and longer rest periods. However, to get the same results as HIIT training you do need to lengthen the workout period. As it is low intensity, it could be great for newbies, older exercisers, or anyone with a higher risk of injury.

Dan says: "I find Low Intensity Training an excellent alternative for my running. Once a week, I will slow my pace down and work in Zone 2 of my heart rate, ensuring I lengthen my run time. Being in a less intense state helps me on recovery days and also keeps me in a fat burning area."

Top Tip: Swimming could be a good LIIT exercise - 5 controlled laps of one stroke and a 2 minute rest and then 5 controlled laps of another stroke with another 2 minutes rest could be a good starting point. Continuing this for 30-45 minutes.
(*Always confirm it is safe to do so with your GP and fitness professional before undertaking any new exercise programme.)

It's always a great idea to look at new trends and see how they can help motivate and inspire you to achieve your goals. Maybe there's something we have covered that you may now think about trying. Let's hope it helps get you to your end goal and have great fun along the way!

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