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Group Fitness - A New Challenge

Group Fitness - A New Challenge

We're laying down the gaunlet - if you've never tried a group fitness class before, we challenge you to just try one (or two) to spice up your routine, add variety to your workouts and extend your exercise repertoire.

So why not take the plunge and give it a go? Maybe you could take along a friend or family member for moral support. If you do decide to try classes, book into one that you’ve never considered before - we think you’ll probably enjoy it!

And don’t think that because you’re a beginner and not already super-fit, they are not for you. Classes are designed for all levels of ability and range from high octane to paced and controlled sessions, and those taking part find that they relish the challenge, camaraderie and fun of working in a group. And the instructor is always there to hold your hand, get you started, offer you advice and encourage you all the way.

There are lots of classes to choose from (385 and counting across the Fitness4Less group of clubs). Just look on the Classes tab on our website , then click on your home club and have a look at the timetable. If you find a time that suits you and a class that appeals, a description of the class and details of the teacher can be found by clicking on the timetable entry for that class. You can book on line through the Members’ area on our website, so it’s all very easy.

There’s loads of choice and variety on offer, and classes are suitable for all levels of fitness. You’re guaranteed not to be bored; exercising in a group is enjoyable, and joining a fitness class may reinvigorate your enthusiasm for going to the gym. So get out of a rut and try something new today. You’ll not only squeeze the last drop of value from your membership fees but you'll gain in so many other ways: -

• You’ll meet people and make new friends.
• You’ll experience new routines and techniques and learn how to exercise effectively.
• You can ask questions and get the invaluable advice of our professional instructors and personal trainers.
• You can learn how to use the many fitness machines, with which the gym is equipped, properly and safely.
• You’ll find out which exercises or disciplines really appeal to you. You may find a passion for dance, for example, or realise that yoga is not just something for the girls that involves tying yourself in knots, but that even tough footballers find it beneficial.

At the end of the day, if you find you don’t like a particular class, you can always try something else. With dozens of classes on offer every week and new workshops and cutting-edge fitness techniques being introduced all the time, you’re sure to find something you enjoy.

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