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Bring A Friend Along FOC!

Bring A Friend Along FOC!

Congratulations to all our new members, who have stayed the course and are now starting the second month of their gym membership. We know it may not have been easy, so well done for joining up and sticking to your new fitness regime, and for the effort and dedication you have shown so far. Here’s a little treat for you, to reward you for your exertions…

We are offering you a chance to bring a friend, work colleague or family member along to the gym to try out all the facilities for a whole day free of charge! As long as your gym membership is still active, tap the Free Guest Day Pass promotion in our mobile App to share a unique discount code with a loved one which they can claim against a Day Pass at the checkout stage. *1 per member

We hope that this offer will help keep up your own motivation and give you the chance to show off to your nearest and dearest what you’ve learned at the gym, what results you’ve achieved so far and how enjoyable exercise can be. It’s always easier working out with a gym buddy and you can show them the ropes, try out the equipment together and have a laugh. If there are spaces available on the day, you may even both be able to take part in a class or workshop, so double the fun!

Maybe someone you know lacks confidence and may be reluctant to try the gym on his or her own. So do them a favour and encourage them to join you for the day absolutely free and without any obligation. You never know, they may decide to commit to get fit long-term themselves, and start working to improve their fitness alongside you. You’ll support and motivate one another, and a little healthy competition won’t go amiss either, as you strive to achieve your fitness goals together.

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