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New Malden - Member Of The Year

New Malden - Member Of The Year

Huge congratulations to Martin Canavan, Member Of The Year at our New Malden Club.

Martin was nominated by his personal trainer, Matt Stockland. Matt outlined why he believed Martin was a worthy contender for this year's award, and the club team couldn't agree more!

"I have been training Martin for the past 2 years. Martin has suffered 2 major brain tumours, resulting in losing his sense of balance and co-ordination, and affecting his speech. He has also suffered paralysis of the leg and arm, severely disrupting his gait and walking pattern.

After months of rehab training, incorporating strength and balance exercises, Martin's condition really improved, and this had a positive impact on his everyday life and daily activities, such as getting up and down stairs, dressing himself, taking a shower and being able to get out and about to the shops.

Unfortunately, a year after the first tumour was discovered, Martin was diagnosed with a second tumour on the brain, which had to be removed in what was a life threatening operation. Months after the second operation, we started back on Martin's rehabilitation programme again. It was a slow process, as he had lost a lot of the strength and balance he had regained from our previous work together, but with huge effort, sweat and determination, Martin soon got back on track again. He is doing really well now and is pretty much walking unaided without a stick.

Martin is a regular at the gym and has now taken up swimming to supplement his exercise programme. He continues to make good progress, has a real "can do" attitude, never complains, always gives 100 percent in every session and is a great inspiration to others and a joy to train."

We were humbled to receive so many inspirational stories like Martin's from our members across the Fitness4Less group, and we are thrilled to be able to recognise their hard work and the positive example that they set. Well done, Martin. Congratulations, and keep up the great work!

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