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Do You Need Our Help?

Do You Need Our Help?

Jackie Kennedy at Fitness4Less is just one of many members across the Fitness4Less group, who have benefited from our Friends of Fitness charity.

Friends Of Fitness has helped nominees benefit from expert help and support for their physical and mental wellbeing through free gym membership, personal training and more. It may be that you could benefit too? Take a look at Jackie's story below and see how you can nominate yourself or someone you love.

'I was a member of Fitness4Less for many years and enjoyed being at my personal best in fitness and form. In 2014 I was diagnosed with cancer, and had surgery with post operative complications that left me unable to use my right arm. I have been wanting to get back to exercising for a while now but every time I have tried, I have had severe discomfort and Lymphatic swelling that has stopped me from continuing.

I was nominated for the Friends of Fitness scheme, and came in to discuss how I could be helped. The manager at Fitness4Less, has now been training me twice a week for four weeks and I already feel the difference.

• My strength and movement is returning daily.
• I can already do things again I have not been able to do for years.
• My fitness has improved.

My trainer is incredibly kind and caring, and is so careful that I do not hurt myself. He has taken the time to understand my mindset and how to motivate me, he listens to me and respects when I say I have done enough of an exercise and does not push me.
It is funny, I am using 1.25kg weights, which feel like 10kg weights to me – but progress is progress! It is the little things that mean so much –

• Being able to reach to pick a book off a high shelf.
• Scratch an itch on my back that I could not reach before.
• Carry my shopping parcels with both hands again.

I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who is eligible for this scheme to apply. It gives people who are struggling physically after surgery the opportunity to work towards regaining the use of their body. A huge thank you to my trainer and the lovely staff at Fitness4Less.'

If you or someone you know is struggling with your/their physical or mental health, or struggling financially to afford the support needed to make a difference to your/their wellbeing, Friends of Fitness may be able to help. Click here to find out more and nominate today!

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