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Member Of The Year... Could It Be You?

Member Of The Year... Could It Be You?

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Fitness4Less Member Of The Year 2018 contest.

This is a fantastic chance for our members to nominate themselves, a friend or family member to be recognised and rewarded as our Member Of The Year. If you or someone you know has achieved something truly amazing over the last year - relating to health, fitness and wellbeing - then we want to hear from you.

Our personal trainers and staff teams will also be speaking to members and suggesting nominations for those people that have made amazing progress this year, whether this relates to their recovery from injury or illness, training for an event or turning their life around through weight loss or weight gain.

Nominations are being accepted via Facebook, club email or in club in our nomination boxes located at Reception. The more detail you can add to your story, the more we can understand the journey you have been through this year, so don’t be afraid to hold back!

The nomination period has been extended with a deadline of midnight on 4th May 2018, at which time the nominations will be collated. A CLUB WINNER will be announced at each of our gyms by 22nd May 2018.

A fun filled, local celebration will take place to award our CLUB MEMBER OF THE YEAR winners their prize – a FREE ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP.

All Club Member Of The Year winners will then go forward with a chance to win the title of FITNESS4LESS MEMBER OF THE YEAR 2018 for the whole group. Some fantastic prizes are on offer, including Holiday Vouchers and Free Fitness Kit.

Our group winner will be announced on Saturday 23rd June 2018 on Facebook. So, go on – if you’ve outdone yourself this year, or you know someone who really is a worthy potential winner, nominate them to become our MEMBER OF THE YEAR 2018!

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